Divorce and Family Mediation

Mediation offers an easier and far less expensive alternative to the court system for couples going through separation or divorce.

By creating a safe and calm space in which both parties can talk and be heard, the very challenging and emotive process of separating can be managed in a way that works for everyone.

Mediation can help you come to agreement on child custody and co-parenting agreements; financial and property decisions; and any other matters that need to be resolved in order for you to separate in as amicable and supportive way as possible.

The process is conducted in a neutral setting, in which I facilitate the process, according to your mutual needs and capacities. I will not allow abusive or threatening behavior.

The parties make all of the decisions, including whether to come to agreement or not. Unlike in the court system, no decision is forced upon you.

You can have just one session or as many as you both agree to. If you wish to revisit agreements at a later date, further mediation is possible.

The process is completely private and confidential.

The outcome includes a written document that serves to provide the parties with a clear understanding on their agreements, and can be part of the legally required court documents, where appropriate.

Mediation rates start at $125 per hour.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation provides the possibility to transform challenging professional relationships and environments, and to create working relationships and atmospheres that are respectful, empathetic, compassionate, and aligned around your organization’s mission and values. 

I will speak with both or all parties involved in the dispute or challenge, in order to gain an understanding of the situation and give all parties a chance to have their perspective heard. We will then come together, in an atmosphere that I create and hold, that has as its explicit aim the intention to meet each other with respect and consideration.

There is no requirement that parties come into complete agreement about all matters – sometimes that is possible and sometimes it is not – but what is necessary is that each party hears the other(s) and begins to understand that everyone has their own story and perspectives. From that foundation we can begin to find common ground, whether that be through human qualities of understanding and empathy or whether it is centered on the purpose of your shared work. 

At the conclusion of the process I will provide you with a written document of the agreements that have been reached, which provides a baseline that you can return to in future, if necessary. 

Workplace mediation rates start at $125 per hour.