My name is Thomas Jaggers. I am a certified New Mexico mediator, a facilitator, and community organizer and activist. I have over 18 years experience working within and consulting to the non-profit sector. I have been a Director of the Academy for the Love of Learning, a Santa Fe-based educational non-profit, and a Director of the Mogadao Institute, a Post-Daoist educational and sacred physical arts institute. I am a Daoshen (lineage carrier) of the MogaDao tradition, and teach MogaDao Qigong, meditation, martial arts, philosophy, and Depth Sexuality. I am also the co-founder of Embodying The True Masculine, through which I offer workshops and community gatherings for men throughout the U.S.A. and Europe. For more information about Embodying The True Masculine, please contact me directly.

In mediation I focus on creating an open, safe and calm space in which all parties can express themselves fully and can be heard by the others, in order that together they can find the center point, the common ground where resolution is possible and most likely to be long-lasting.

In community facilitation and organizing I bring a particular interest to the creation and facilitation of forums in which the local community can more fully participate in the democratic process.

Born and raised in England, I have lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2004. I live in a consensus-based co-housing community, with my partner and our four children. I hold a degree in Psychology and Sociology. I am a passionate hiker and skier/snowboarder, and am a tennis player and soccer player, coach and referee.